In 1997, I stumbled upon a website called Purple Moon. What I found there was a handcrafted proto-social network with elements of point-and-click adventures. The site is a time machine of both web design and community management. Also, there are sparkles.

Please note: This interactive essay has a flashing background. Please take care if you're photosensitive! If you'd like to read it without the background, contact me and I'll happily send you an adjusted version to check out.

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Sparky flashing background made it difficult to focus on the text but I'm glad I succeed on reading it. It's sweet and I'm now also nostalgic of some old simple webpages games I can't totally remember from the 2000s' Internet. What a weird and funny time for online browser games! Thanks for this interactive essay

thank you so much for checking it out, angela! i hope you saw i can send a non-flashing version if anyone wants it -- perhaps i should just upload that version and let people download it if they want.


A wonderful essay with beautiful art that makes me yearn for the simpler days of the internet. <3


Reading this suddenly flooded my mind with memories long forgotten! I had played one of the Rockett games "Rockett's New School" but I never knew there was an entire online community built around the developer Purple Moon. The game left a huge positive impression on me as a kid.